Mammoth captain Dan Coates is looking for students in Colorado schools who are leaders in their classrooms, clubs or teams and embody kindness in action, including and empowering their classmates in an effort to make their school a positive, friendly place to be.

If you know a student who is a driven leader and embodies kindness in action, nominate them to sit in "Coates Corner" in Pepsi Center at a 2019 Mammoth home game.

Dan Coates will select up to three students to sit in his seats during one of the remaining 2019 Mammoth home games. 

Nominations must meet the following criteria:

The nominee must be enrolled in a school in Colorado, attending classes between kindergarten and a 12th grade level. 

The nominee must be a leader in his or her school and must promote kindness and inclusion in his or her school in a meaningful way. 

The nominee must have one reference outside to whom they are not related.

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Only nominators with winning submissions will be notified. 

For a nominee to be considered to sit in Coates Corner during one of the remaining Mammoth home games, the nominator must complete a submission at least one week prior to the game. 

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